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Impact. Partner. Create.

Our mission is to seek to positively impact our community by partnering with artists, individuals, and organizations to create meaningful programs, events, and opportunities. As a center for diversity, culture, and civic life in a small town, The Stissing Center aims to support local economic revitalization and job creation in Pine Plains and the surrounding Hudson Valley region.

Our Story

The Stissing Center is actively restoring the 1915 born, brick building back to life. The main hall, upstairs, has been revived into a beautiful, rustic-chic performance space with an accessible glass entryway, flexible floor plans, and rebuilt proscenium stage. With continued donor support, the lower level will be transformed into The Cellar at The Center, an intimate second performance and gathering space. Inspired by a speakeasy vibe, our goal is to fill The Cellar at The Center with the sounds of laughter, cheers, acoustic singer-songwriters, jazz sax, and the clanking of pints and wine glasses. We will host more intimate gatherings, meetings, films, and private and community events. The lower level will also include a kitchen and bar area.

Our team's goal is to develop The Stissing Center into Your Stage Next Door ® by offering something for everyone. We can’t do any of this without support from music and drama lovers and community supporters like you. Like all non-profits, we need to constantly raise funding to keep our organization running, complete important renovations, and plan future construction. Your support also helps bring in artists and grow our team, as well as pay for utilities, marketing, maintenance, and everything else that happens behind the scenes.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Board of Directors:

  • Patrick Trettenero, President

  • Sarah Chase, Vice President

  • Roxana Girand-Spitzer, Treasurer

  • Jeanine Sisco, Secretary

  • Nicolas Arauz

  • Matthew Brimer

  • Heather Dell’Amore

  • Doug Larson

  • Josh Nathanson

  • Kate Osofsky

  • Eileen Yajure

  • Jack Banning, President Emeritus

Advisory Board:

  • Murphy Birdsall

  • David Bisson

  • Lenora Champagne

  • David Conte

  • Priscilla Herdman

  • Dick Hermans

  • Jim Jackson

  • Robert Lyons

  • Curtis Moore

  • Joan Osofsky

  • Keith Reamer

  • Diana Woolis

  • Eugenia Zukerman

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